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The destination for
leaders who seek to
change the world.


Our Footprint

Industries Inspired

banking, insurance, retail, mining, 
entertainment, transportation, technology, media, education


Dr. P. amazing... she managed time, allowed dialogue and guided us towards key learnings and realizations in a very relatable way.
She illuminated some "lighbulb" moments for many of us...


About Alchemy Inspiration

Empowering Leaders and Teams to Drive Growth and Innovation through creativity

Consulting & Strategy

Our unique approach to strategy offers has been used by many organisations locally and globally. In the intersection of science and art, there lies unique ways to ignite, refresh and engage around strategy. We believe that human-centered approaches is the key to unlocking real value and shaping the future. Click below to discuss how we can infuse creativity in your strategy. 


At Alchemy Inspiration, our coaching services are designed to ignite creativity within individuals, fostering personal and professional growth. We blend innovative techniques with a human-centered approach, tailoring each session to unlock the full potential of every individual. Our coaching focuses on creative problem solving, personal growth, goal setting, and resilience, empowering individuals to develop innovative solutions, enhance self-awareness, achieve goals, and navigate change. 


Leadership Development 

We are constantly curious about human development and unleashing creative potential in all humans. We partner with learning institutions to unlock value through creativity. To book us to deliver a course on any of our expertise areas, including but not limited to: Creativity and Innovation, Design Thinking, Strategy, Personal Mastery and Social Mastery, click below to book a full/half day facilitation. 


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