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About Alchemy Inspiration

At Alchemy Inspiration, we specialize in corporate education with a focus on Coaching, Consulting & Strategy, and Leadership Development. Our unique approach blends innovative techniques with a human-centered methodology to unlock the full potential of individuals and organizations. Our consulting and strategy services have been embraced globally, offering creative and human-centered solutions that ignite, refresh, and engage around strategy. In leadership development, we partner with learning institutions to unleash creative potential and drive value through courses on Creativity and Innovation, Design Thinking, Strategy, Personal Mastery, and Social Mastery. Our coaching services are designed to foster personal and professional growth, emphasizing creative problem solving and resilience. At the intersection of science and art, we believe that creativity is the key to unlocking real value and shaping the future. Discover how Alchemy Inspiration can transform your potential and elevate your success.


Our Mission




Inspired Students


Satisfied Clients



At Alchemy Inspiration, our mission is to ignite creativity and foster innovation in individuals and organizations worldwide by blending human-centered approaches with deep industry expertise to enable our clients to transcend traditional ideas and create meaningful new solutions. By bridging the gap between science and art, we empower people to think beyond the conventional, embrace change, and drive meaningful impact. Our commitment is to unlock real value, inspire personal mastery, and shape a future where creativity and innovation are at the heart of every success story.

Our Approach

Tailored Solutions

Experiential design thinking workshops

We leverage design thinking to drive innovation and solve complex problems. This human-centered approach combines creativity with analytical thinking to develop effective solutions. Through our consulting and strategy services, we guide clients in reimagining their strategies and fostering a culture of creativity. By focusing on the intersection of science and art, we help organizations embrace innovation and achieve sustainable growth.

Creativity & innovation workshops

Through a proven creative process, we enable our clients to solve wicked problems, unlock new value through breakthrough thinking and innovation, while elevating the human experience.


We draw from a well- researched body of knowledge of Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking work developed by our founder in PhD studies.

Digital playbook workshops

We help our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental drivers behind digital disruption and delve into the exploration of exponential technologies that are at the forefront of convergence.


Discover how your business can effectively leverage these advanced technologies to re-invent, pivot, and scale your business model to new heights.

Foresight & strategy workshops

We enable our clients to navigate uncertainty, contextualize trends at the point of impact, drive change and translate foresight into adaptive strategy to stay ahead of the curve.


We run strategy sessions that allow clients to fully tap into the brains in the organisations and co-create strategies that fully explore possibilities and exploit organisational strength.

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